One year.

One year ago today, my wife and I welcomed our daughter into the world. In an instant, I was exhausted, jubilant, scared, proud, and hopeful. In the intervening months, not too much has changed aside from the fact that Maeve has changed us both in ways I couldn’t have anticipated. On a daily basis she makes me doubt my ability to be a great dad and then reinforces it immediately thereafter. Seeing her when I come home is the highlight of my day, and as soon as I walk through the door, whatever I had hanging over me is pushed away.

She is the single greatest project I’ve ever had a hand in designing.

My papers, business papers.

I try really hard to make my iPhone the single point of entry for all information I want to capture. Apps like Drafts make it extremely easy to send words from my brain into any app of my choosing. But what I’ve slowly come to realize is that some thoughts are best captured in other ways. Some thoughts need a few seconds or minutes to percolate, or to coalesce before they need to go anywhere. And sometimes you just need to write something down on a piece of paper.

So I ordered a few Field Notes notebooks. They seemed to be just about the right size (height, thickness, weight) to throw in a pocket and forget about. It’s worth mentioning that I’m also a huge Wes Anderson fan, so it was kind of an easy choice. It’s an experiment; a test to see if my need to have something tangible is a fleeting, transitory need or something more consistent that I just haven’t identified until now. I’ll still need to transfer this information at some point into my iPhone, but I’m willing to figure that out when I decide I need to.

For writing, my good friend Michael recommended the Fisher Bullet Space Pen and I will most likely pick that one up, but for the time being, I have a secret little pen stashed in my beloved Swiss Army knife, which is always with me anyway. I’m not sure that I’d want to write a letter with it, but for quick info dumps, I think it might be good.

Either way, I’m curious to see if this tangential offshoot of my normal activities sticks around. What do you think – do you prefer paper or photons? Tell me.

Nickelfish v4.0

After many months of planning, design, and construction, we are absolutely thrilled to announce that our new site is live! We’ve been trying to do this for a long time, but as the old saying goes “the shoemaker’s children have no shoes”, and we’ve been busy making awesome stuff for other people, neglecting our own tiny slice of the internets.

But no more. We’ve got a colorful, engaging look at some of the more recent work we’ve done and the new project pages reflect the pride we feel from the work. We’ve added many new members to our team, so we’ve fleshed out a little personal space for everyone, and we had some incredible artwork commissioned for us to depict the team as the superheroes they are. Be sure and read the alter-ego bios on the About page, they’re just fantastic. There’s a few other nerdy laughs tucked around the site amidst the copy, primarily for our own amusement, but we’re sure a few of you will crack a smile here and there as well. And since some of you have asked in the past, we added a new Downloads section where we have some cool desktop wallpapers done by our design team that you can grab.

I’m going to personally try to blog more, and I’m bringing a few people kicking and screaming with me. We do a lot of thinking about stuff, and we like talking about it, so we’re going to start sharing with you as well. A few team members have expressed an interest in writing about their respective fields, so I’m going to do my best to keep that train rolling. As always, you can follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook. There are some great photos and videos on the Facebook page from around the office and some events that we’ve had.

Overall, we’re so happy with the way the new site looks and feels, and it’s long overdue. We really wanted something that we could show to people without disclaimers, and we feel we’ve hit our marks for now. We have plans to continue revising and adding features within the site, including some white papers that we’ve done on various topics, so keep an eye out for them. I’d love to know what you think about everything, so hit me up on Twitter and say hi.


A quick one, while he’s away.

I’d like to formally welcome everyone who’s stopped by via Daring Fireball, especially the brave few of you who have decided to subscribe. It was an exciting Sunday, especially since I’m currently traveling with intermittent internet connectivity. So the DF link plus my inability to even realize it had happened until much later on was really something.

I just wanted to let the new folks know that I generally don’t publish here constantly, as my schedule doesn’t leave a lot of time for writing these days, and because Twitter, despite its brevity (or sometimes because of it) is my preferred vehicle. I try to put a little more meat (most of the time) into what goes here, so it’s generally just not updated as frequently.

So if you’re looking for daily posts, you may want to consider the Twitter route, and if you don’t care if a few days goes by without a post here, then sit back and relax.

Any way you cut it, thanks for coming.

Your brain as mass storage.

So if we only use, what – 10% of our actual brain for living, what else is it for? I like to think that it’s like a big, mushy hard drive, and that all the myriad moments of my life are etched in there, somewhere. Then I like to think that at some point in the future, brain-computer-interface advancements will reach a point where we can actively tap into those furthest reaches of our conscious and sub-conscious mind, to see all those moments again.

I know this is kind of a “pandora’s box” desire, but I’m willing to suffer it. After all, I lived through the stuff once, I can stomach it a second time, right? Perhaps with the distance life’s afforded me from those moments, I can gain a new perspective on them. And just think how awesome it would be to re-live – or even just re-watch – some of the greatest things your life has shown you.

I swear to God, if this happens, I’m going to be ecstatic. Please, PLEASE, science. Make it so.

Oh, and if anyone is going to leave a comment dashing my hopes, be gentle.

A small, well-reasoned update.

When I launched this site earlier this year, my intention was to have a place to expound on topics that interested me. In the time since I began, I’ve added a series of social networks and other sites to my daily use. Most significantly, a Tumblr, and Posterous. Tumblr was supposed to be a place for pithy little observations and pics as funny things happen around me. Posterous snuck up on me because its use mechanics are so ingenious, and having discovered it, I was instantly smitten. As time wore on, I realized that most people’s attention spans (mine included), not to mention their time allotments for Internet leisure time, were not large enough to always accommodate the longer format. Even my hardcore blogger friends are expressing a feeling of change, since Twitter effectively killed all of our motivation to do any extended writing.

So in light of these events, I’ve decided to make MoS more of a destination than a specific tool. Squarespace is such a great platform, I felt like if all I was doing was simply writing a little here and there then I was wasting its potential. It’s extremely extensible, and in spending time with it, I’ve enjoyed fleshing it out a bit more. I’ll be posting from a variety of places now, including Flickr and Posterous, but pushing the updates here and will use the Tumblr as a “sister site” for shorter ideas or funny things that may come my way. Of course, I’m already changing my mind about things, so who’s to say it won’t change again, but for now, I think it’s of more value to the occasional interested reader or friend who wants to see what’s quite literally going on in my head. I know I personally find it tiring to follow a series of sites for every person I’m interested in following, so in an effort to stem the infoverload (which was, in fact, a motivation behind this whole project, AND a term I’m totally coining right now) I’m trying to streamline while still being able to feel like I’m being at least a little creative.

I’m constantly fighting the battle of content vs. clutter, though, so there may by more changes afoot as my design sensibilities change. Be warned.

That being said, in the interest of full disclosure, I spent the entire day inside at the beach, trying to keep my flows of ideas moving, and completely wasted some beautiful weather. Absolute summer FAIL. At least today, I have something to show for it.