Things I like this week, volume 37.


Due is one of those apps that takes the notion of “do one thing for the user very well” and executes on it to a level of sophistication that more complex apps often miss. It is, at its core, a reminder app that also has the ability to set timers. But it allows for a handful of really useful tweaks to that basic model that elevate it to a top-notch productivity app.

It’s not a new app; it’s been around a long time–and it has a lot of fans already. But it didn’t get many updates for a while because it’s maintained by one guy, and I’m pretty sure he had a kid, and as many of us know, despite the life-alteringly incredible emotional uplift a new baby brings, one of the things it usually assassinates is the desire to be productive, or really do anything apart from sleep for that matter.

But the app got some updates very recently. It’s still simple and elegant, but more stable and flexible than it’s ever been. It’s one of those apps I forget about and then re-re-rediscover only to be delighted again.

A friend of mine made a really nice video walkthrough for it a while back when the 2.0 update shipped, which pretty much encapsulates everything better than I can, so watch that, go buy it, get a fantastic app, and support a talented and dedicated developer.

Due for iOS
Due for Mac

Author: Seth Clifford

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