Things I like this week, volume 24.

Great Wallpaper

I was turned on to a couple great sites this week for incredible wallpaper options, featuring breathtaking space photography.

WLPPR is a site and an app, centered around iPhone wallpaper, every one of which is a satellite image. Earth images available on the site, more in the app.

Here’s my current iPhone screen.

Psiu Puxa has more than just iPhone size, and some mind-blowing photos of the Mars landscape. I mean, I found myself just staring at the image behind my home screen icons a few times, reveling in the detail.

Here’s what I’m using on my iPad.

Both sites are total rabbit holes of beautiful imagery, so put aside a little time to browse.

WLPPR (site / app)
Psiu Puxa (site)

X-Men: Days of Future Past

I finally got around to reading the TPB a few years ago, and it’s a great story. I’m also a huge fan of the last couple of X-Men movies, and Days of Future Past, while stylistically somewhat different from the comic, is just incredible. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it.

This is maybe my favorite scene in any movie in the past few years. Executed perfectly, and just so satisfying. I’m re-watching the movie again in chunks this week (it’s on HBO, and I have it in iTunes, so anywhere I look it’s easy to spend a few minutes with), but I just love this scene in particular. Probably watched it at least a half-dozen times in the past few days alone.

So here’s the thing: I bought the standard version like, day freaking one because I wanted to see it (missed it in the theater, something something young children). Little did I know (because I’m woefully unplugged from nerd culture these days) that a second version featuring a ton of extra footage and a subplot was coming later.

I’m kinda pissed this came out after I bought the other one, but whatever, I’m a baby and maybe I’ll have to get this too (but if I were you, just buy this one because you get both versions of the movie).

X-Men: Days of Future Past (The Rogue Cut)

Author: Seth Clifford

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