Things I like this week, volume 22.

iPhone SE

So by now it’s not exactly a secret that I’ve made some changes in my everyday workflows. The iPhone SE is one of the nicest mobile devices I’ve ever used. I skipped the 5s generation, sticking with my 5 for an extra year at the time, so this phone, while a recycled version of an old phone for many, feels new to me.

I think the overall look and feel is even better than the 5s, due primarily to the matte finish on the chamfered edges, as opposed to the polished ones previously. I got a 64 GB Space Gray, and the finish is consistent all the way around the back and sides and looks tremendous. A cleaner overall look with less visual variation, but in the best way possible.

Inside, this little thing is a beast. It’s essentially got 6s internals, and it doesn’t lag at all. I used a 5s for a week prior to getting the SE, just to see how it felt, and the speed boost between the two is a nice added bonus.

Apparently this phone is pretty hard to come by, however. I placed an online order and was prepared to wait almost a full month for it, which in this age of same-day delivery for certain consumer goods is akin to going into extended hibernation for a trip to Jupiter. So I let the order stand, but I kept checking Apple’s site for availability (I would just go to the “Buy” page and pick my phone configuration and see if any stores had it).

Last weekend, I got a hit. My local store got some in. I immediately called and reserved one for myself. Strolled in the next day and got it, no problem. The person I reserved with was even nice enough to cancel my previous order for me, so it was a total win.

I’ve rediscovered the comfort of a smaller phone, after going all the way around in the course of about a year and a half (iPhone 5 > 6 Plus > 6s Plus > 6s > SE). I keep thinking I need to always have the perfect device, but what I’m realizing is that as my needs change in life, so too might the device I carry. I think the iPad Pro is not only evidence of this, but a catalyst for this realization. So whereas a month ago, I was firmly in the “give me the middle of everything” camp with my 6s and Air 2, now I’m all about the extremes. And I couldn’t be happier.

iPhone SE

Author: Seth Clifford

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