Things I like this week, volume 20.

The Esquire Classic Podcast

Last summer I began exploring different kinds of podcasts, having grown somewhat tired of tech-focused shows. I’ve continued to do this, adding a show here and there to my list of favorites I can’t miss.

The Esquire Classic podcast has quickly become one I really look forward to each time it’s released. It is a show in which some of the magazine’s most famous non-fiction articles are reviewed, dissected, and discussed, either with the author or in many cases the editor at the time. Portions of the piece are read alongside the discussion, which adds a bit of dramatic narrative and storytelling to the analytical parts of the conversation, and overall, it’s a great mix.

As compelling as the pieces themselves are, the stories behind them are often absolutely incredible and full of rich detail about the surrounding situation, the process by which the article was written, or about the author’s feelings and approach. It’s a terrific look at a type of journalism we often don’t get in quite the same way these days, viewed in a modern context, and bridging the stories of the past with a critical look through the lens of hindsight.

If you like great stories and hearing about how they came to pass, it’s a pretty sure bet you’ll dig this.

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Author: Seth Clifford

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