Things I like this week, volume 19.

iPad Pro 12.9″ and Smart Keyboard

As I mentioned earlier this week, I took the plunge and finally talked myself into getting the big iPad. I’d convinced myself that it was too big, that it wouldn’t be comfortable for the things I do the most, and that the 9.7″ size was right for me. I was in love with my Air 2, and planned on keeping it for another year.

Well, as I often do, I let my mind wander, and a few good friends goaded me (not really) into giving it a go. I went to the Apple Store last Friday afternoon, and got a 12.9″, 128GB Space Gray monolith. I also got the Smart Keyboard, which I had tried previously, and detested each time. No, seriously. I couldn’t stand it. It felt like an abomination. I think I literally think shook my head in disgust after the first time I tried typing on it. People nearby probably thought I walked through a cloud of farts or something, the way I must have looked.

Turns out I love the giant screen and adore the keyboard after only 24 hours of solid use. Is it my favorite keyboard ever? No, not by a long shot. But it’s very sleek, adds almost nothing in terms of bulk/weight, and works well.

I’d listened to people talk about the Pro when it came out and had really decided it wasn’t the right device for me, but I’m glad I changed my mind. As I start to move as much of my daily personal computing to iOS as possible, I’ve discovered that while I might not want or need the big phone (I bought a 6s Plus last year but went down to a 6s), having the big iPad makes a lot of sense for me. I haven’t even begun to push it to the limits yet (still just exploring and trying stuff), but I like knowing that it’s got the goods under the hood. My plan is to make this my only computer for the next year at least, and see where I land. For now, it’s the slim, powerful, pixel-filled window I always wanted and I couldn’t be happier.

iPad Pro
Smart Keyboard

Author: Seth Clifford

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