Expanding aural story horizons.

I’ve been increasingly tired of technology podcasts. For an industry so focused on being all about the next big thing, we can collectively talk about the same things for a freakishly long time on occasion. Stack up a few shows that cover similar topics, and you find yourself essentially listening to the same show more than once.

There are so many other things in the world, I sometimes forget how refreshing it can be to learn a new thing or even just hear a story told in a compelling way. I dropped a lot of the podcasts I’ve been listening to for months (or even years in some cases) and began exploring new things. I’m ruling the experiment a success. Here are some of my current favorites.

Produced by my friend Aaron Mahnke, Lore is a bi-weekly podcast focused on telling stories about the things that scare us. Rich with research and history, and sure to almost always creep you out, it’s a small glimpse into the darker corners of our past and why they remain so.

Lore / iTunes

The Memory Palace
Brief, heartbreaking, inspiring, stories of wonder, human weakness, triumph, and all the quietly forgotten bits of history. Like fading wisps of smoke, Nate DiMeo brings these bits of time back to the present, tells a tiny tale, and then leaves you always wondering about it.

The Memory Palace / iTunes

A tightly produced story/interview show about the bad things people do. From the macabre to the absurd, every single episode is an interesting glimpse into the human psyche, often with very surprising outcomes.

Criminal / iTunes

99% Invisible
A weekly show about design and architecture, with terrific production values and excellent storytelling. Sometimes it covers topics I’m already familiar with, sometimes it touches on things I’ve never heard of. Sometimes it takes something that I assume is going to be boring and makes it positively enthralling. Which tells me a lot about my own expectations and why I should be open to new things in the first place.

99% Invisible / iTunes

I’m really enjoying these shows immensely, and I’m continuing the search for more. I’d love to know what you’re enjoying too.

Author: Seth Clifford

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