Things I like this week, volume 6.

This app just gets better with each update. One of the best writing apps on iOS, Editorial sets itself apart with an insane level of customization and automation. It can be as simple or as complex an experience as you want. This latest update is no different, adding great new features and functionality. The updates are few and far between, but they are tremendous when they land. If you do anything serious with text on iOS, it’s worth a look.

Editorial (Universal, $6.99)

Tweetbot 2 for Mac
One of the great Twitter apps on any platform, Tweetbot was recently updated with a new look and feel that’s right at home on Yosemite. Still a great power user app even in the (sadly) dwindling landscape of third-party Twitter clients, it’s a great way to handle your timeline with some advanced filtering. Its mute controls are some of the best around, and as granular as you need them to be. And some days you really need them.

Tweetbot for Mac (Mac App Store only, $12.99)

Author: Seth Clifford

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