DODOcase leather back for iPhone 6.

In my seemingly endless quest to find minimal case experiences for my iOS devices, I continue to plod through the internet in search of the Goldilocks fit for my phone. I recalled being a big fan of the DODOcase Bookback for a while, during the 4/4S years. It was a nice way to add a tiny bit of texture to your device without adding any bulk.

So it was with some enthusiasm that I ordered the equivalent product the company offers for the iPhone 6. I suppose the tl;dr here is that I don’t like it as much as my previous purchases.

Part of it is the color. This nude, peachy leather is the only option you have for this thing. Why not a nice rich brown as well, or better yet black, like the BOOKback of yore? I know, it says over time that it’ll become a “deep carmel color” which is interesting, because that’s a place, and not a color. I’ve never been to that part of California, but I’m curious to know how it looks compared to this.

More importantly though, is a problem that isn’t anyone’s fault. The iPhone 6/6+ has these rounded edges, which makes anything you apply to it that doesn’t hug it perfectly feel awfully out of place. When you stick this cover to the back, your fingers find the edges instantly, and although the site claims that’s a feature, it feels like a bug. Like I said, no one’s fault; everyone’s working with the same dimensions of the phone, but it’s a bummer. Who knows, perhaps some people do like feeling the edges of it all the time, but it broke the lines of the phone in a way that some of the other ultra-thin cases I’ve tried were able to preserve.

I’m being a little bit of a baby, I know. I could easily get over the color of it since it’s on the back and I’d probably never look at it anyway. Over time, it would probably get dirtier and evolve into a nice brown. But those older BOOKbacks were so good because they melted into the edges of the phone so perfectly. This one sits behind it like a small skin pedestal.

Into the drawer of failed hopes with ye.

Author: Seth Clifford

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