Some new time-saving Launch Center Pro actions.

I made a couple of cool Launch Center Pro actions in the past week or so and thought they might be useful to others, so here they are.

Update TextExpander Snippets

I make changes to my TextExpander snippets constantly on my MacBook, and while they sync via Dropbox, you still need to manually refresh apps that can take advantage of this feature if you’re not using the keyboard extension (I do a bit of both). I was always forgetting which apps can do this, so instead of keeping a list I had to refer to, I put them together here.

TextExpander Snippets

Now I can tap once to launch TE, making sure the newest snippets are on the device, and then return to LCP, tap to go to the other apps and quickly make sure they’re all up to date too. It would be amazing if I could go right to the “refresh snippets” option in each app, but that’s just not possible, so this is as close as I can get. Pretty good, and saves me time and aggravation.

Amazon Re-Orders

I know you can subscribe to products on Amazon and have them delivered on a regular schedule, but there are plenty of things that we buy repeatedly, but not with a specific timeframe in mind. I used to go to the Amazon app, scroll through my orders, find the thing I wanted to re-buy, and add it to the cart.

Amazon Orders

Now, I have a list of the things we re-order frequently, I can tap one, go to Safari (where I’m already logged in to Amazon) and add it in one tap. When I feel like closing out my cart, I can do it here or hop into the Amazon app itself to do so. It’s nice to have a list like this, and it’s very quick to get to the products we like.

I love thinking of stuff like this that makes little chores easier.

Author: Seth Clifford

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