My papers, business papers.

I try really hard to make my iPhone the single point of entry for all information I want to capture. Apps like Drafts make it extremely easy to send words from my brain into any app of my choosing. But what I’ve slowly come to realize is that some thoughts are best captured in other ways. Some thoughts need a few seconds or minutes to percolate, or to coalesce before they need to go anywhere. And sometimes you just need to write something down on a piece of paper.

So I ordered a few Field Notes notebooks. They seemed to be just about the right size (height, thickness, weight) to throw in a pocket and forget about. It’s worth mentioning that I’m also a huge Wes Anderson fan, so it was kind of an easy choice. It’s an experiment; a test to see if my need to have something tangible is a fleeting, transitory need or something more consistent that I just haven’t identified until now. I’ll still need to transfer this information at some point into my iPhone, but I’m willing to figure that out when I decide I need to.

For writing, my good friend Michael recommended the Fisher Bullet Space Pen and I will most likely pick that one up, but for the time being, I have a secret little pen stashed in my beloved Swiss Army knife, which is always with me anyway. I’m not sure that I’d want to write a letter with it, but for quick info dumps, I think it might be good.

Either way, I’m curious to see if this tangential offshoot of my normal activities sticks around. What do you think – do you prefer paper or photons? Tell me.

Author: Seth Clifford

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