A Tale of Two Androids

So since we need to start building cross-platform mobile apps, I picked up a bunch of new handsets last week to have in the office for development. I got a BlackBerry Torch, a new BB Curve, a Nexus S, and two Droid Xs.

BlackBerry OS is pretty much the same as it was the last time I seriously look at it, in 2008. Android, however, has grown in leaps and bounds since that same time. I was actually shocked that it was so good. Granted, there are a ton of ways in which it does (and will) always lack the finish of iOS, but it’s really come a long way. I played with the Nexus S for a while, and the straight, clean Android experience is really quite nice. The Droid X with its Verizon add ons is not quite as pleasant, but the hardware is unbelievable. That screen rivals the iPhone 4 in terms of clarity, and the body feels really solid. You take the pure Android and pair it with good hardware, and let a real designer have a crack at it to make it a little less, shall we say, neckbeardy, and you’ve got a serious contender. We all agreed that while we wouldn’t give up our current phones, Android surprised us a lot more than we expected.

Now to get my hands on a Windows Phone… It’s nice to see that the market is expanding. It only means better choices for consumers.