Giving in, with three Gs

I’ve had an iPad since launch day, when I wasn’t sure if I was going to buy one or not. That five minutes in Best Buy was more than enough to convince me that I wanted this new shiny wonder, but not quite enough to convince me to wait and order a 3G model a month later. I really expected wi-fi to be enough. But my couch gave way to slightly more remote locations. Like offices with bad wireless network connections. Like moving vehicles, stuck in traffic for hours. Like airports, taxis, and any other place where your phone is pretty good, but a little extra space would really be spectacular.

So I made the decision to trade up for the 3G model. Scaled back to the 32gb, since I have never even come close to filling the 64gb I got with the first model. Sucked it up, filled out the on-device wireless agreement and parted with another $25 to AT&T.

Now we have three iPads in the office, and I have a truly mobile computing experience. The first time I sat in my car and loaded the app store, I knew it was the right decision. Do I like spending more money? No, most people don’t. But I do like having the ability to do all the things I can do with my phone, bigger, prettier, and with many more words-per-minute. Nerd lust, satiated.

Author: Seth Clifford

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