iOS 4 on 3GS

So I had to wait until we returned from our trip to update my iPhone 3GS with the iOS 4 update. Honestly, it’s better than I expected.

I put off buying a new iPhone 4 while we were away because I didn’t want a brand new, shiny, pristine gadget to have to worry about while I was traveling. Then the string of questions arose. What’s with the antenna? Why does my proximity sensor not work properly? What are these yellow dots? Why is the white balance so messed up with my camera?

Most of these (some of these) have been addressed or resolved. Today Apple is calling a last-minute press conference, completely uncharacteristic of them, to talk about something. It’s assumed that they’re going to talk antenna problems, which at this point we all know about so I won’t even get into it again here. You can look on any site for the past two weeks and find myriad posts to read about that.

So I’m waiting to buy a new phone. And really enjoying my old phone with the new software. It’s honestly a marked improvement in both function and enjoyment level. So many little things have been added that it’s like having a new phone. Sure, I don’t have the fancy screen and better camera (or front-facing cam for that matter), but I’m ok with it for right now. I figure after all the dust settles, and I can stroll into an Apple Store and just ask for one, maybe I’ll consider going to pick up a new handset. For now, I’m digging the update. A lot. 

Author: Seth Clifford

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