I keep sinking further in.

(Reposted from sethclifford.tumblr.com [Sat. Mar. 14, 2009] for continuity)

Last summer, I was at a point where I was content to use Facebook for just about all social communication and online silliness. Then I discovered Last.fm. Then there was Twitter. Then the connection between the Flickr, the Facebook, the Twitter, the Last.fm, the Hulu… and so on. Tonight I joined Blip.fm, because I listened to Leo Laporte and Sarah Lane on this week’s net@night while I was in the shower and they got all excited about it. And I was definitely not doing it. Until I signed up and started doing it.

I see myself as having two choices: I can stop now, and say enough is enough, and possibly miss the next cool thing to come along, or I can just say fuck it, and go full-bore, exploring every new tech toy that comes along, the way all the tech journos do. Of course, it’s not actually my job, so there is that inherent downside. But hey, why fight the inevitable, right?

It bothers me on some level, that I find myself so hopelessly enamored with all these new services, but then again, they’re freaking cool. And I like cool things. And I like people who think of cool things for me to do. So I figure it’s a natural evolution. I just need to find a way to manage them all seamlessly… Now THAT’S a cool thing someone needs to think of… A website solely for managing other websites. Brilliant!

Author: Seth Clifford

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