Using Slack as a personal information center.

At this point, we can probably all just admit that Slack wins all the things. It’s an absolutely fantastic tool, with great support and constant updates, and it just seems like it’s headed in all the right directions for almost every kind of user. Sure, there are things we’d all like to see changed (managing … Continue reading “Using Slack as a personal information center.”

Moving from Evernote to Dropbox.

On this week’s Connected, there was a hearty discussion about some choices that Evernote is making with its product, namely the addition of “Context”. Offered as a Premium feature, the goal of Context is to surface additional useful information to the user as a note is being created, viewed, or modified. Stephen voiced some very … Continue reading “Moving from Evernote to Dropbox.”

The sickness of efficiency.

I suffer from a strange affliction that I’ve lived with for some time now. I’ve spoken to others in my circles and I take some solace in knowing they share either symptoms of it, or experience it full-blown. It’s a sneaky sickness that manifests itself in an all-consuming urge to deconstruct patterns, methods, and expectations … Continue reading “The sickness of efficiency.”