Things I like this week, volume 11.

LifeProof Nüüd for iPhone 6 Plus
I’ve spent most of the summer wondering if I should get another LifeProof case for my 6 Plus. I’ve previously used the Frē for the iPhone 5 when we went on vacation, and it was terrific. The only available case the company makes for the behemoth 6 Plus is the Nüüd, which leaves the screen exposed, and achieves a waterproof seal via a tight gasket on the screen itself. The very thought of this makes my skin crawl, but it actually works.

I finally gave in at the beach last weekend and picked up a white Nüüd when I was out grocery shopping. It makes the 6 Plus–already a big customer–even bigger. But it protects the thing like a tank. And it adds (in spite of its size) a decent grip factor to the device. It’s probably more akin to a small paperback book now than a phone, based on its dimensions, but I find it to be quite comfortable. And I think having the original screen surface exposed makes a huge difference in reading and typing. While I like the protection the Frē offers, I never cared for the way the screen felt with the heavy plastic layer.

Touch ID works perfectly well, and it’s always nice to not worry about your device when you’re away and near the pool or beach. I’m leaving it on every day for now while we’re still traveling a bit; we’ll see if that remains the case into the fall. Nice upside though: since Apple usually refreshes phones in the “S” cycle with the same body type, this case should be good next year too.

LifeProof Nüüd for iPhone 6 Plus

Author: Seth Clifford

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