Things I like this week, volume 10.

El Rey Network
Something I stumbled onto completely by chance, Robert Rodriguez launched a TV network specializing in grindhouse, cult horror, kung fu, and action content. The aesthetic of the network, the bumpers, the commercials, everything shares a cool kind of gritty, neo-70s look and feel. Had it not been for our recent life changes (moving out of our house), I might not have even found this channel.

I subscribed to Sling TV because we don’t have our FiOS hookup where we are right now, and my wife and I are lightly addicted to zoning out over HGTV shows after a long day. I guess we’re masochists in that way–we’re living out of our house while it’s under heavy construction, and we relax by watching other people tear houses apart. We’re odd folk, what can I say?

Anyway, I subscribed to Sling because HGTV is among the channels offered, and El Rey is in the package too. I was flipping around earlier this week and caught The Running Man from the start. Naturally, I had to watch it, because duh. But I was delighted during commercial breaks to see all kinds of other stuff (Italian zombie movies!) I’d be into. It’s all pulled off in a way that calls back to the style that Rodriguez loves and is known for, and he hosts a show interviewing directors that looks pretty great (I’ve yet to catch it). The home page for the network is actually really well done too, capturing that exact feel of the movies it’s showcasing (mouse over the tiles under “El Rey is…” and watch the header too).

Most interestingly, the network is actively seeking makers of cool content as well as increasing visibility for underserved Latino/Hispanic audiences. I’ve been a fan of Rodriguez since I saw Desperado by chance in my freshman year of college during a showing in the student center. I’m delighted to see him still doing so much cool stuff and pushing things forward with his vision.

El Rey Network

Author: Seth Clifford

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