A quick one, while he’s away.

I’d like to formally welcome everyone who’s stopped by via Daring Fireball, especially the brave few of you who have decided to subscribe. It was an exciting Sunday, especially since I’m currently traveling with intermittent internet connectivity. So the DF link plus my inability to even realize it had happened until much later on was really something.

I just wanted to let the new folks know that I generally don’t publish here constantly, as my schedule doesn’t leave a lot of time for writing these days, and because Twitter, despite its brevity (or sometimes because of it) is my preferred vehicle. I try to put a little more meat (most of the time) into what goes here, so it’s generally just not updated as frequently.

So if you’re looking for daily posts, you may want to consider the Twitter route, and if you don’t care if a few days goes by without a post here, then sit back and relax.

Any way you cut it, thanks for coming.

Author: Seth Clifford

I'm here for the open bar.