A Tale of Two Androids

So since we need to start building cross-platform mobile apps, I picked up a bunch of new handsets last week to have in the office for development. I got a BlackBerry Torch, a new BB Curve, a Nexus S, and two Droid Xs.

BlackBerry OS is pretty much the same as it was the last time I seriously look at it, in 2008. Android, however, has grown in leaps and bounds since that same time. I was actually shocked that it was so good. Granted, there are a ton of ways in which it does (and will) always lack the finish of iOS, but it’s really come a long way. I played with the Nexus S for a while, and the straight, clean Android experience is really quite nice. The Droid X with its Verizon add ons is not quite as pleasant, but the hardware is unbelievable. That screen rivals the iPhone 4 in terms of clarity, and the body feels really solid. You take the pure Android and pair it with good hardware, and let a real designer have a crack at it to make it a little less, shall we say, neckbeardy, and you’ve got a serious contender. We all agreed that while we wouldn’t give up our current phones, Android surprised us a lot more than we expected.

Now to get my hands on a Windows Phone… It’s nice to see that the market is expanding. It only means better choices for consumers.

2 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Androids

  1. Seth

    Ha ha, very funny. I have a strict rule about product placement on this site. Plus, we all know that Air is just lazy deployment for people who don't want to do the homework of coding for native platforms. ;)

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