MarsEdit is simply amazing.

Given that today is a total whiteout outside, I decided to put in some serious time playing on my MBP this morning. I was up way too early, and have already given myself a minor headache from catching up on long-neglected Instapaper posts. Then I moved on to application exploration. I’ve heard about MarsEdit before but never actually tried using it.

Needless to say, it is a quantum leap from editing live in a browser, or even just composing text and cutting and pasting. I may have to pick it up. It’s extremely impressive. One more step on the path to streamlining my activities and working smarter. This app is what I picture when I think about how things ought to work.

I was looking at Notational Velocity a moment ago too, solely based on Merlin Mann’s resounding recommendation on last week’s MacBreak Weekly, but it doesn’t seem to fit with the way I mentally organize information. Cool app, though.

MarsEdit 2

Notational Velocity

Ok, I’m definitely buying this. All it took was the composition of this single post to sell me. Well done. Hmm, the only thing stopping me would be if it tripped on the posting… let’s see.



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