Apple is not China.

I originally sent this as an email to Buzz Out Loud this morning. It wasn’t used on the show, but I figured it was worth posting anyway. The points are still valid. On Tuesday’s show, Molly made a comment comparing Apple’s App Store shenanigans to the way China handles their government. It just wasn’t a good analogy.

There is simply no way that you can compare Apple’s questionable App Store policies to China’s unmitigated death march on human rights. Apple is a consumer electronics company. It makes choices, based on what it sees as a value to increasing its presence in the market and its monetary worth to stockholders. China is an entire country, bent on oppressing what the world has come to accept as basic civil liberties and human rights to advance its own agenda. You really can’t draw parallels between these two entities. They’re simply not the same.

I know it’s tempting, because we all love to look at corporations as nefarious, overreaching behemoths whose every move is calculated to control more of our lives, and in a lot of instances, well, that seems to be the case. But… not in the App Store, k?

You may not like that Apple is selectively removing apps from the App Store, as it reeks of censorship – but it’s not a government. We as the non-stockholding public don’t get to have a say – it’s a company that makes products, to make money. Let’s all take a step back, and be honest – no one’s basic human rights have been compromised – no one’s undeniable freedoms have been trampled because of these decisions.

And frankly, we all know the App Store has too much crap in it anyway.

Author: Seth Clifford

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