Pure online photo ecstasy.

I am a Mac user, and I rely on iPhoto heavily on my systems to keep all my photos in order. However, I also have a sizable Flickr account with a bunch of photosets, some of which duplicate things stored locally, and some which don’t. But what I didn’t have was a good way to interact with Flickr on my laptop. Until today.

Enter flickery, an application by Eternal Storms software, makers of the excellent GimmeSomeTune, for use with iTunes. Flickery is a native Mac app for wrangling the hell out of the content you store on Flickr, and I am absolutely floored by it. I will be spending so much more time using the site now, simply because the interface it provides is far and away an improvement to the web interface. Which is not to say Flickr’s site isn’t useful, because it’s come a long way over the years. But for all that can be done within the confines of http://, it doesn’t even come close to the experience you get with flickery.

What makes it so great is that it looks a lot like iPhoto, but with its hooks straight into your online account, you get to see both your local content and online content in similar fashions, which is fantastic for mentally arranging your photos how you like them. Clean, easy to understand, and powerful – everything a great app should be. God, I love good software. I could go on and on about it, but I really want to play with it more. If you’re a Mac-head and have a Flickr account, you’ve got a 15-day free trial to see if you like it. I’ll definitely be plunking down a few bucks for it. It’s essential as far as I’m concerned.


Author: Seth Clifford

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